About Me

Sabine Volkmann

I am a devoted Hypnotherapist and Instructor.
Looking forward training you! Register now for your OMNI education in 2018 / 2019 and start a new life.

Born in Hamburg, Germany! I have spent most of my working life in Lüneburg, Germany and am the proud mother of two. I have worked for many years with hypnotherapy and train other therapists. I have a practice in Lüneburg. In 2017 I moved to Dublin, Ireland and have since opened a practice and hypnosis school there. Since 2017 I am the OMNI Instructor for Dublin in Ireland and train new therapists in Dave Elman Techics.

My Qualifications and experience are listed as follows;

  1. Germany, 2008 – 2010, Naturopath course, Integra Institut 2 years.
  2. Germany, 2013, Hypnosis Basic course, Thermedius Institut.
  3. Germany, 2014, Advanced Hypnosis course, Thermedius Institut.
  4. Germany, 2015, Naturopath for Psychology, 1 year Integra Institut and homestudy , Heilpraktiker Qualification.
  5. Germany, 2015, Workshop Grouphypnosis, Thermedius Institut.
  6. Germany, 2016, Simpson Protocol, variations on hypnotherapy, Hypnoschool Stin-Niels Musche.
  7. Germany, 2016, OMNI Hypnosis Training, Hypnoschool Stin-Niels Musche.
  8. Germany, 2017, Advanced Simpson Protocol, Hypnoschool Stin-Niels Musche.
  9. Germany, 2017, Workshop Selfhypnosis, health program Simpson Protocol with Ms. Ines Simpson.
  10. USA, 2017, OMNI Instructor Course, OMNI Training Centre, Florida, Mr. Hansruedi Wipf
  11. Germany, 2018, Instand /Rapid Hypnose Workshop with Nicole Wackernagel
  12. Ireland, 2018, Workshop Hypnosis and Autoimmune System, Sheila Granger
  13. Switzerland, 2018, Workshop Rapid /Instand Induction and Dave Elman Technique, Sean Michael Andrews
  14. Switzerland, 2018, Workshop Pain Management with Hypnosis, Sean Michael Andrews
  15. Switzerland 2018, Workshop NLP, Body Language with Sean Michael Andrews

In my practice in Germany, www.hypnose-lueneburg.de, I have carried out over 1,000 1 to 1 and group hypnosis treatments over the last 5 years. I have trained and supervise my two-person team, I attend a number of conferences each year and am active within a number of related groups. I have recently opened a second practice in Dublin, www.hypno3.com.

OMNI has training centres all over the world and is the fastest growing hypnosis education system worldwide! USA, Switzerland, China, Germany, Brazil, Poland, Russia to name a few. No matter which country you train in, it is taught everywhere according to the same curriculum. OMNI Hypnosis is ISO 9001 certified. The science of modern Hypnosis!

The OMNI Hypnosis qualification offers the highest quality assurance. OMNI Hypnosis was founded in 1979 by Gerry Kein from Florida. He was trained by Dave Elman and taught “regression to cause” for a lifetime.

I will look forward to seeing you soon!

Sabine Volkmann